You might be thinking to yourself; “ok he threw out a bold claim in a headline to grab our attention, SHOCKER (**scoff**)”.

This is no bait and switch. I’m dead serious. I am of the growing belief that sales or revenue operations (however you want to refer to it, nuances aside) is a company’s internal economist.

I realize this idea or concept might seem foreign at best and completely wacky at worst, but I encourage you to hear me out. …

CHURN. More specific regrettable churn. Now, if this topic caught your eye, I doubt this is news to many of you and to be perfectly fair probably pretty eye-roll-inducing I know.

I worry that the initial reaction here will be immediately positive, but shouldn't you be more skeptical based on the title?? ;-) (see what I did there)

In all honesty, I am worried that in the current cultural climate of social media-driven echo chambers and unprecedented political division in our culture and society, that this will be embraced as a way to defend your own beliefs, when in fact its the opposite…well not necessarily.

To be clear, what I am advocating for is not only being skeptical of others and their opinions but also your own. …

Pt 1. What sales compensation and cocaine addictions have in common

I won't lie when I learned of this connection it sorta blew me away and at the same time, sort of didn't surprise me. It was more of an ‘ah-freakin’-ha’ moment than anything. I have spent almost all of my professional career near and around sales teams and salespeople. It also helped connect a lot of dots of experiences I have had in the past.

I realize that I sort of buried the lead a bit, but let's just cut to the chase already and get into the meat of this wildly interesting topic.

In the book Sway: The Irresistible…

While a funny visual and what makes for a great viral video, the idea of a dog stealing a steak off a plate and running away with it is funny (if it's not your steak), it also teaches us a great lesson about the world around us and the principle of reactance.

If you’ve ever had a dog before you know that if a dog is running away from you, and you chase it…it will continue to run.

The same principle applies to our everyday lives and especially in sales.

Reactance is a behavioral economics principle that says, essentially, people…

I cannot tell you all how much I struggle with this concept to this day.

We are bombarded with information and opportunity constantly. The people we admire and look up to are constantly telling us to hustle, grind, and always be working even when no one is looking. This follows an onslaught of recommendations and subscriptions of content to start consuming.

There is so much amazing content to nurture you (professionally and personally) out there that there is not enough time to go through it all. Every second you dont, it’s still out there piling up. …

‘That one crazy trick that actually works’ or ‘the greatest kept secret that no one is talking about’….This world of HACKS is absolutely killing us.

These headlines should sound scary familiar and most likely triggering for some.

Hacks are nothing but shortcuts that have been rebranded.

Shortcuts got a bad reputation (and for good reason), they generally dont produce the meaningful or long-lasting results we are desiring when we choose to try a shortcut.

Shortcuts got the 2010’s Queer Eye makeover and are now new and improved and have reemerged rebranded as ‘Hacks’. Hacks are sexy and sleek sounding. …

there is a lot of worry about technology taking over the jobs period. That has been the case since the automobile and cotton gin.

More recently, automation and AI have played the major terroristic threats to our psyche.

I am here to tell you that there is a one really really good reason why AI will never take over sales….

in a few words. the absolute pressure of 100% total accountability.

A buyer only wants to take full accountability for their decision when the outcome is good, but what if the outcome is bad?

They want…neh need…plausible deniability.

Not only…

I realize that most of us will generally fall into 2 buckets after reading that headline.

Bucket #1. Ewww. farm? no, thank you. sounds sweaty and dirty and there’s poop on everything.

Bucket #2. Hells yes! the dirtier, the better. ain’t nothing better than scrubbing dirt out from under your fingernails after a long day's work.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

This may not seem life-changing or earth-shattering on the surface, but rare is the deeply moving things in life.

They are slow, deep, and seep into our minds at the foundation.

Initially, they may nag us at first, ideas or concepts that don't exactly fit our current world view. They pop up in your head, you shove them down, but they find their way back.

They sting our brain and create a sort of ‘itchy’ response. We revisit the thought, idea, or concept like a bug bite that we itch and goes away. …

Alex Kaye

Veteran revenue operations expert. Currently consulting on the challenges of scaling & optimizing revenue. Heaven is a 24hr breakfast burrito bar.

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