If sales teams are rap group, pre-sales are the Flavor Flav

To all my SDRs, BDRs, BDMs, or LGRs, you are the Flavor Flav’s of the sales team.

You are the sales hype men/women/person.

Your job is not just to qualify, but to get the customer excited & pumped for the when your AE hits the (micro)phone!

  • Rule #2. DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST! do your own research, it takes 2 minutes to scan the website, look them up on Linkedin, and to demonstrate you care about their business. Add value again and again AND AGAIN. You’d be surprised how many doors this opens.
  • Rule #3. Stop asking for 10min of their time before you’ve clearly established how you can help them. You’ve got to earn it. It’s a grind, but if you do it right, you’ll have amazing conversations with people who are ready & want to talk to you.
  • Rule #4. Remember the ABCs of pre-sales discovery — Always Be Curious. Ask so many (intelligent) questions, based on what you’ve learned about their business & what they’ve told you. People love to talk about their business (good or bad) and you have the opportunity to ask.
  • Rule #5. Just as much as your job is to qualify leads, its also to disqualify them….and quickly. You only get so many hours in a day, the more time you spend talking to a crap lead who just wants to suck up your time talking about their genius idea for a website that can stream the polar ice caps melting, the less time you’ll have to talk to the next big deal for the company. Now dont be too shrude & disqualify too quickly, sometimes it can take a while to get in touch with people or get enough info to know for sure, but always keep in mind, your time is valuable too...protect it.

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